Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 17, 2014



General articles

Revisiting the Condom Riddle: Solutions and Implications
Karen Munoz, Mariam Davtyan and Brandon Brown

From “SSC” and “RACK” to the “4Cs”: Introducing a new Framework for Negotiating BDSM Participation
D J Williams, Jeremy N. Thomas, Emily E. Prior and M. Candace Christensen

Research articles

The 1960s Gay Life in the Philippines: Discretion with Tolerance
Jonathan Foe

Sexting on the College Campus
Sloane Burke Winkelman, Karen Vail Smith, Jason Brinkley and David Knox

Teacher and Health Service Staff Values Regarding Sexuality Education in an Urban School District in Indiana
Patrick C. Herbert, Dayna Henry, Catherine M. Sherwood-Laughlin and Lisa K. Angermeier

Assessment of University Condom Distribution Programs: Results of a National Study
Scott M. Butler, Mikella Procopio, Kathleen Ragan, Barbara Funke, and David R. Black

Teaching Content and Encouraging Acceptance in a Human Sexuality Course
Stacey-Ann Baugh and Debbie Van Camp

An On-Line Survey Comparing Swingers and Polyamorists
Richard J. Jenks

Complaints about Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Minors and sex crimes involving minors in Costa Rica: temporal and geographic trends in a ten year period according to government statistics
Julián Monge-Nájera

Women’s Experiences Negotiating Sexual Scripts in the Face of Sexual Difficulties
Jaclyn Darrouzet-Nardi and Alison Hatch

Linking Exercise and Sexual Satisfaction among Healthy Adults
Alexandra Marshall, Duston Morris and Jacquie Rainey

Theoretical Assessment of University Condom Distribution Programs: An Institutional Perspective
Scott M. Butler, Kathleen Ragan, David R. Black, and Barbara Funke

The Happy Green Eyed Monogamist: Role of Jealousy and Compersion in Monogamous and Non-Traditional Relationships
Katherine Aumer, William Bellew, Brendan Ito, Elaine Hatfield, and Ronald Heck


Initial Contact on Dating Websites: Results and Strategies from the L.U.R.E. Project
William D. Marelich, Elizabeth Grandfield, Jamie Graham, Melissa Warstadt and Anthony Rodriguez

Book and Movie Reviews

Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy:
An Integrative Model for Exploring Desire and Intimacy

Gina Ogen, PhD

Review by Samantha Anne Banbury and Alena Silvester-Szabó

More Than Two
Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

Review by David S. Hall

Battling the Life and Death Forces of Sadomasochism; Clinical Perspectives
Harriet I. Basseches, Paula L. Ellman, and Nancy R. Goodman

Review by Samantha Anne Banbury and Megan Charlton