Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 2, March 19, 1999





 These hypotheses were formulated as the basis for the questionnaires and the examination of data.

  I. There will be no significant difference in the sexuality of the respondent, before and after surgery as measured by:
   A. Sexual satisfaction ratings
   B. Penile sensitivity
   C. Erections
   D. Ejaculation
   E. Pre and post surgical frequencies of sexual interactions
    1. Masturbation
    2. Oral sex/intercourse
     a. Heterosexual
     b. Homosexual

  II. There will be no significant difference in the pre and post surgical measurements of the patient's penis as measured by:
   A. Length
   B. Circumference

  III. The majority of the patients' penile length will be within one standard deviation of the mean.  The mean will be established by Kinsey and his associates whose sample population is 3,500 men who self measured their penis.
   A. Length
    1. Flaccid
    2. Erect
   B. Circumference
    1. Flaccid
    2. Erect

  IV. The overall patient satisfaction will be measured by:
   A. Successfulness of surgery
    1. Significant changes in pre and post penile measurements
    2. Infection rate
    3. Recovery time
   B. Post surgical vs. ideal penis size
   C. Quality of doctor's care
    1. Initial contact
    2. Interviews
    3. Surgery
    4. Recovery
    5. Follow-up

  V. There will be no significant change in the self-worth/self-concept ratings as measured before and after surgery.

  VI. There will be no significant difference in perception of penis size before and after surgery.
   A. Flaccid
   B. Erect

  VII. There will be no significant difference in the amount of time spent in therapy/counseling before and after surgery.

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