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Volume 1, Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality - 1998

Holiday Editorial
December 18, 1998 

August 10, 1998
Welcome to EJHS

Doctoral Dissertations

Making a Transition between Elective Asceticism and Secular Life: A Life-Narrative Study of Former Roman Catholic Nuns
Jacqueline "Fran" Fisher, Ph.D.
August 27, 1998

Consent for Sexual Behavior in a College Student Population
David S. Hall, Ph.D.
August 10, 1998

Research Papers

Condom Use of Female College Students as a Function of Information versus Role Play and Modeling
Lisa Kirsten Hunter, B.A.
November 10, 1998

College Students' Perceptions of Women's Verbal and Nonverbal Consent for Sexual Intercourse
Jason J. Burrow, M.A., Roseann Hannon, Ph.D., & David S. Hall, Ph.D.
September 15, 1998

Posters and Conference Papers

Sexuality and Senior Olympians
Peter B. Anderson, Ph.D., Keri Diez, MEd, Susan F. Tynes, Ph.D.
October 19, 1998

General Interest Articles

Sexological Interviewing Techniques
Janice Epp, Ph.D.
November 23, 1998

The Meaning of Sex
Marty Klein, Ph.D.
August 10, 1998

Banning Sexual Asymmetry on Campus
Barry M. Dank, Ph.D. and Klaus de Albuquerque, Ph.D.
August 10, 1998

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